talent strategy

The company's human resources construction takes the macro strategy of human resources as "strategy requires talents, projects need talents, funds need talents, resources need talents, posts need talents".

Pengxin Group upholds the principle of wisdom, courage and tolerance in talent tapping, retaining talent, establishing long-term incentive and restraint mechanism, increasing salary incentives for key positions and outstanding talents, and combining emotional and spiritual incentives, striving to improve the talent mechanism.

To achieve the goal of "people do their best, people do their best", to build a stage without ceilings for employees, how much capacity, how much space to give you, so that talents and enterprises can breathe, share destiny, grow and develop together.

Management innovation

At present, company managers have gradually extended EMBA programs and other professional further education programs to young middle-level cadres and business backbone on the basis of receiving EMBA education in famous universities in China; at the same time, they have increased their horizons, confidence and hands in introducing international talents.

Duan, in line with the two principles of "finding the right person, doing the right thing" and "finding the best person surpasses success", establishes a long-term and efficient mechanism for attracting, employing and retaining people to meet and adapt to the requirements of human resources such as company size, business, management and technical level.


Pengxin Group welcomes high-end talents to join our company and work together to develop Pengxin Group into a more high-end group company and go international.